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10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Pet

Animals can make life better for their human companions. As a pet parent, you know that having your furry friend around can improve your day. The loyalty and unconditional love that you get from your pets is unmatched. Your furry best friend will bring joy into your life without expecting much. 

June 5 to 11 is National Pet Appreciation Week, a special time to thank your pet. Here are 10 ways to show appreciation to your pet. 


  • Buy a New Treat 


Pets love treats, and watching a dog with a bone is enough to bring a smile to your face. Tasty treats top the list, but you can also buy toys. Pets do not necessarily enjoy eating the same food every day. Surprising your pet with chicken jerky or a juicy bone will make their day.  


  • Plan Quality Time

Pets need attention, so you should take time to play with your pooch or cuddle on the sofa. Pets love affection, and getting down to their level and giving them your undivided attention will show your appreciation. Going on a hike can also provide time to bond with your pet. 


  • Extra Park Time

Your pet will enjoy extra time at the park. Allow them to play and run around with other dogs for an additional hour. Carry a frisbee or ball so you and your pet can enjoy some exercise. 


  • Pet Health Insurance

You care about your pet’s well-being. And veterinary treatment can be costly, particularly in an emergency. Having health insurance will ensure that you give your pet the best medical care in an emergency. It can also help alleviate unexpected financial stress. 


  • Update Vaccinations 

The best way to show appreciation for your pooch is by protecting their health. Visiting your veterinarian at Animal Care Center of Aurora for checkups and vaccinations is essential. It can help keep your pet healthy and prevent disease. 


  • A Special Dinner

You can show appreciation by cooking a pet-friendly feast for your pooch. You can get recipe ideas online. Pets should not eat human food too often, but you can cook a special meal safely by researching ideas first. Prepare a meal that is both human and pet-friendly for the entire family.


  • A Pet Play Date

Like humans, animals need to socialize and play with other animals of their kind. Scheduling a date with family and friends who have pets will allow your pet to enjoy social interaction.


  • Grooming Session


Take extra time to brush and pamper your pet. Brushing or combing their coat will leave them looking and feeling great. As an added benefit, you can prevent hairballs and painful mats. You can also avoid dealing with shed fur all over your furniture and around the home. 


  • A Scenic Drive

Most pets love car rides, and you can show your pooch some appreciation by taking them on a scenic drive. Stop by dog-friendly places like parks along the way. Organize a drive that centers around things that your pet loves. 


  • Go Shopping

Just like humans, some pets love to go shopping. The trip is even better when it is in pet-friendly stores. You can allow your pet to choose a new toy or some treats.

For more ways to show appreciation to your pet, visit the Animal Care Center of Aurora at our office in Aurora, Colorado. You can call 303-693-6640 today to schedule an appointment.

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